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Monday, August 3, 2015


Does ethnic spell boring for you? Is it one fashion genre that you keep reserved for those ominous family gatherings and boisterously loud Indian weddings? Well, we have news for you ladies. It is now possible to glam up your ethnic game! Yes, you read that right. Don’t believe it? Well, read on!

Let’s focus on one element that is truly the basic ethnic wear that all women have in their wardrobe for sure. The saree! Recent fashion trends have seen this modest traditional dress evolve into an oomphy outfit that not efficiently combines traditional with glam. The saree has taken a turn for the best. You no longer need to restrict yourself to the formidable staples like the silks, the kanjeevarams or the other traditional variants. If you are ready to experiment, you’ll love wearing the saree to every occasion that comes your way!

The traditional drape just got a trendy makeover that you are sure to love. Gone are the days when wearing a saree would seem a tedious affair. Move over messy draping and say hello to gorgeous and easy to wear, pre-stitched sarees. Yes! Your prayers have finally been answered!Contemporary designers have come up with pre-stitched sarees that not only are easy to wear and carry, but add a glamorous twist to the elegance of ethnic wear.

If you love to play with colors in your outfit, what better than a half saree . Why wear a saree in one shade of the palette when you can wear two colors at once? Sounds interesting right? The half saree, true to its name, comes in two colors, one on the pleats and the other on the rest of it! Thestyle is not only sassy, but also gives you the freedom to choose the combination of colors you want; perfect for a theme-based party. For a change, you could even match your saree to your accessories, rather than the traditional way of doing the reverse. Browse through the fab collection of half sarees online and make it a point to add at least one to your wardrobe!

Confused about where to start exploring this range of sarees in its whole new avatar? Check out what the leading ladies of Bollywood are wearing. That should definitely give you some pointers as to the current trends. Take notes religiously. Just kidding! Search the internet for some of the most famous red carpet appearances and get your eyes on what kinds of sarees these ladies donned for the occasion. You are sure to find the famous Bollywood designer sarees online. It’s a widely known “secret” that you can easily find and buy designer sarees online at a pretty affordable price. (Wink!)All you need to do is search the online shopping sites diligently till you find the saree that you covet. You can buy half saree online as well. So, go ahead and give yourself an ethnic makeover that will make you look and feel the gorgeous diva and fashionista that you truly are

3 sarees which a truly must have

Want to look as hot and sexy as Kareena well then this style of hers you must copy to glam up yourself. A border saree can do the trick but drape it as sensuously as the style icon Kareena did. Fabric of the saree is georgette which is light weighted and can be draped and carried easily! 

  Do you have a figure to die for and perfect curves then dare to get this transparent saree and throw it on shoulder without pleating it like Deepika. This yellow saree with pink blouse with embellishments allover is just eye catchy and gorgeous! The fabric is net. 

Black is hot, black is sexy and you can never go wrong in fact you can raise temperature wherever you go with this super hot georgette saree with sequins. This saree has sequins that beautify the saree even more perfect for a night party! So look drop dead gorgeous in this!!


  1. Lovely Collection! All these Designer Sarees India bear a touch of unique ethnicity and tradition which makes them all the more graceful and flexible to wear on any given occasion be it a party or a wedding ceremony. Thanks for share.